About A Place to Grow


Our Name

Our name, A Place to Grow, was chosen to reflect our belief that when children and families are provided with support and rich, fertile conditions they can develop, grow, and flourish along their own unique individual trajectory.


Gabe & Bea on platform

Our Location

We are located in a dedicated therapy space in pediatric occupational therapist Amy Loesch’s home. The space includes a waiting area, a sensory integration gym, a naturalistic kitchen-dining area to work on feeding/eating skills and a space for table-top tasks (fine motor skill development, handwriting). It is a warm, cozy, environment where children and families can feel welcomed, comfortable and safe.



Amy Loesch

I am an Occupational Therapist with 20 years experience working with a variety of children in a variety of different practice settings (clinic based, school based, home based).

The inspiration that set me on the path to becoming an occupational therapist came from two little boys named Christopher and Cory and their amazing mother Linda. I had the privilege of working with this remarkable family back in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota throughout high school and my college years. Christopher (who was 5 years old when I first met him) and Cory (whom I have known since birth) were diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. As a result, they had severe challenges with sensory modulation. For them, this often meant extreme swings between over reaction and under-reaction to sensory input. I learned first hand, through the mentoring of their astute mother, the importance of a “sensory diet” in supporting a child's ability to maintain a state that allows him/her to best access the world around them. Christopher and Cory taught me how important it is to really observe a child's behavior and responses to sensory input to discover what kind of modifications best support a child's functioning in daily life. Christopher has sadly passed away, but Cory, now grown continues to call me weekly. I am forever grateful to these boys, their mother and their siblings, Catherine and Cameron, for the tremendous lessons they have taught me about the importance of family centered care. I keep these lessons very close to my heart. Also close to my heart, and powerful teachers in their own right, are my own children. Gabriel and Beatrice, my twins, who, along with all the other children I have had the pleasure of working and playing with, continue to affirm my deep love and appreciation of the magic of childhood.