Beatrice with markers•  Comprehensive Screenings and Assessments

•  Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), including

•  Sensory Modulation Challenges (Sensory Defensiveness, Under-Responsivity to sensory stimuli, Sensory seeking)

•  Sensory Discrimination Disorder

•  Sensory Based Motor Disorder (Postural Disorder, Dyspraxia/Motor Planning Deficits) 

•  Treatment of children on the Autistic Spectrum using the Developmental Individual Differences (DIR) Approach (frequently referred to as Floortime)

•  Help with Feeding Challenges using the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach

•  Therapy for fine motor, visual perceptual and visual motor integration deficits

•  Handwriting Remediation

•  Guidance in Creating “Sensory Diets”, Environmental Modification and Facilitation of Organizational SkillsGabriel on swing

•  Development of Home and School Programs

•  Coordination of interventions with other providers


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